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Norton Abrasives
About Us
For over 110 years, Norton Abrasives has provided the innovative products and solutions that our customers require. Whether you're sanding a piece of furniture, finishing a turbine blade or slicing a semiconductor component, if you are using abrasives, we have the product and the know-how. Today, Norton manufactures and distributes the widest range of abrasives and related products for the industrial marketplace.

As a brand of Saint-Gobain, a world leader in manufacturing and distribution, Norton supports all industrial markets including metalworking, automotive, aerospace, woodworking, bearing, sporting goods, foundry, cutting tool as well as the Do-It-Yourself retailers and automotive aftermarket.

Norton is the world's leading supplier of bonded abrasives, with more than 250,000 types and sizes, most custom-designed and engineered for specific applications. We are also a leading manufacturer of coated abrasive products, offering more than 38,000 types of coated products with a variety of abrasive grains and backings.

Our superabrasive diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheels and diamond tools usage is growing in cutting tool production and maintenance, automotive, bearing, ceramic, tool & die, glass, aerospace, electronic, composite, and other advanced material industries. With over 50 years of industry leadership in diamond and CBN experience, we can meet industrial manufacturer's need for tighter part tolerance, higher quality finishes and greater productivity.

Through our commitment to R&D, as your manufacturing requirements change, you can depend on Norton abrasives to provide the most advanced technology. And, to help you achieve maximum productivity and lower grinding cost, Norton application engineers will evaluate your grinding system and recommend the solution that targets your needs.

Our products are sold through many different channels. You can find and buy Norton abrasive products in catalogs, on our partners¡¯ internet sites, at industrial and welding distributors, at home improvement centers, woodworking supply stores, and through jobbers in the automotive aftermarket. Choose a market from the drop down above and check out our product offering in one of our catalogs. Reflecting our responsiveness to our customers and our commitment to providing an entire abrasive solution for your needs, you'll also find useful information on how to optimally use our products..


More than a century ago, a group of ceramists and entrepreneurs in Worcester, Massachusetts, set out with a goal: meet the growing need of the burgeoning U.S. manufacturing industry, for an ever-increasing supply of grinding wheels to build and maintain machinery. Norton was founded in 1885 to manufacture the first grinding wheel that could be precision made and mass-produced.

Norton began to expand as the new bonded abrasives reached customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. In 1909, a new plant was built in Europe. Eight years later, Norton formed a joint venture in Asia. In 1956, Norton grew with an acquisition in South America. This steady growth, based upon our innovation, technology and responsiveness to customers, has continued and Norton now has a presence in 28 countries around the world.

Since our first breakthrough, our research efforts have continued to produce industry-leading results. Norton abrasives are used in every industry, from manufacturing and construction to aerospace and electronics - wherever metal, glass, ceramics, wood and other materials must be cut, ground, sanded, sharpened or polished.

In 1990, Norton was acquired by Saint-Gobain, a world leader in the manufacture of engineered materials. Saint-Gobain, founded in 1665 with headquarters in France, shares Norton's tradition of commitment to its business and customers, of understanding and responding to the needs of the marketplace, and of technical innovation. Saint-Gobain's experience has been a strong addition to Norton.

Our strong emphasis on research and our commitment to product development led to the opening of the World Grinding Technology Center in Worcester in 1993, followed by a satellite technology center in Japan. In 1998, the World Grinding Technology Center was rededicated and renamed as the Higgins Grinding Technology Center, in honor of the late Milton P. Higgins, a member of one of the founding families of Norton. The Center and its satellites enable Norton to set the standards for product performance throughout the worldwide abrasives industry.

For over 110 years, Norton has provided innovative solutions for the challenges faced by industries. Our dedication to our business and customers ensures we will continue to be a global leader and full-line supplier of abrasives, providing value and efficiency to your operation.

Company Profile
Company Name: Norton Abrasives
Country/Region: France
Products/Service We Offer: abrasive grains and backings.coated abrasive products, diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheels and diamond tools usage is growing in cutting tool production and maintenance, automotive, bearing, ceramic, tool & die, glass, aerospace, electronic, composite, and other advanced material industries.
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No.of Employees: 0
Annul Sales(USD): 0

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Email: Saint-Gobain Abrasives, Inc.

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