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Pro Technology International LTD.
About Us
Thank you for your interest in Pro Technology, manufacturers of
The Most Advanced Technology In Plastic Repair.

We are always interested in meeting with experienced companies that have established buyer contacts within our industry and wish to expand their product line.

The following information will give you a general overview of the benefits of the plastic repair system we manufacture.

The major competitive advantage of Pro Tech is We Simplify Plastic Repair.

Protech offers The Most Advanced and the ONLY COMPLETE SYSTEM to mechanically or chemically repair all the types of plastic in use today.

Protech's system has only 4 chemical products and a complete mechanical welding system.

Mechanical Welding is the most effective way to repair plastic.

The Mechanical Welding portion of the system contains a plastic vari-temp welder, which reaches 925 F, and allows for a true fusion grade weld. Eight different types of welding wire allow the welding of any type of Thermoplastic. This is the most cost effective repair process.

The biggest selling feature of the Chemical Repair portion of the system is:

Structural Epoxy: Rigid or Flexible, with a work time of 5 to 7 minutes, and a sand time of 15 minutes.
Finishing Filler Epoxy: Rigid or Flexible, with a work time of 5 to 7 minutes, sand time of 15 minutes
The body Shop Technician has only one decision to make. Is it Rigid or Flexible?

The greatest advantages of Pro Tech's products are they are an Epoxy Based Technology, meaning:
Zero VOC's complying with the most stringent environmental regulations.
Longer shelf live compared with traditional repair material.
Longer work time but with the same sanding time as a urethane based product.
Epoxy is more versatile, as it can be used on any surface.
Pro Tech has the only training program that will train your staff on both methods of plastic repair.

We have over 45 years of experience in the automotive industry.

Companies that Pro Technology has developed product and / or training for:

Keystone Automotive Group USA (Bumper Recycling Division - 53 locations)
Consulted and assisted in creating a uniform procedure for plastic repair and product flow through their Bumper Recycling plants.

Bayer Corporation (Chemical Division)
Pro Technology was chosen to develop a repair procedure and product line to repair their Centrex / Lustran, the plastic component in outer panels used by a number of manufacturers in the RV industry.

John Deer (Agricultural Group)
Pro Technology was chosen to develop a repair procedure and product line to repair their seeding, holding and various other tanks used in the agricultural industry.

Saturn Corporation (Division of General Motors Automobile Manufacturing)
Pro Technology trained selected design engineers in the use of our Mechanical Welding System. Pro Tech's Mechanical welding procedure is used with GTX plastic in the design mock up of new prototype vehicles.

I-CAR (Inter Industry conference on Auto Collision Repair.)
Pro Technology was invited and assisted in the rewriting of the Plastic Repair Procedures for I-CAR's uniform procedures for Collision Repair Training Courses. Pro Technology was instrumental in redesigning the Mechanical Welding System, which I-CAR uses for its training program today.

Pro Technology continues to keep abreast of the latest plastic technology used in the automotive and related plastic industries, and are often consulted by companies worldwide with regard to our expertise in plastic repair technology.
Company Profile
Company Name: Pro Technology International LTD.
Country/Region: Canada
Products/Service We Offer: Air Tools
Legal Representative/CEO:
Year Established:
No.of Employees: 0
Annul Sales(USD): 0

  Contact Detail
Address: 33 Stapleton St.Winnipeg MB,Canada R2L 1Z9
Telephone: 204-988-3484
Fax: 204-988-3480
Marketing man :

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