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Wheelabrator Allevard
About Us

Under fierce and unstable market conditions, Wheelabrator Allevard doubles support to its customers with a policy of voluntary investment and service by launching a test and training centre, WA Stone Institute.

WA Stone Institute gathers all the proficiency and know-how of the Wheelabrator Allevard related to stone cutting process in this unique centre.

Our test and training centre, located near Bergamo in Italy, is dedicated to the entrepreneurs of our international customers looking for first hand information about stone cutting technologies as well as market dynamics.

Wheelabrator Allevard, the only producer proposing two technologies at the same time – gangsaw and multiwire machine – has a unique place in stone market. Today we are world's no.1 producer of metal abrasives for stone cutting and no.3 producer in the field of diamond tools used in stone extraction and cutting. The turnover of the Group has reached 500 million Euros in 2008.

On February 5th, 2009 a multiwire machine, dedicated to trials, was put into service. With this investment, our Group has not only confirmed its confidence in the growing stone market, but also showed our willingness to be in close partnership with our customers.

WA Stone Institute will strive to answer these three key questions:

1. How does the international stone market develop?

WA Stone Institute collects and updates data in order to clarify market dynamics:

- what is the market evolution
- which countries are the biggest importers of stone, and who do they import from
- what is the evolution of average prices for exported stones
- which technologies are being used in each country for stone extraction and cutting
- how will these different technologies evolve in the future…

We will bring answers to these questions and many others through training modules.

2. How to choose the best stone cutting technology?

Multiwire machines have been arriving progressively on the stone market for two years. This new technology has undeniable advantages (cutting speed, flexibility, a more environmental-friendly process), however the experience related to these machines is limited (less than 5 years of experience when compared to the 30 years of experience in the gangsaws business).

Nevertheless we know very well the advantages and drawbacks of these two technologies since we have a worldwide data-base on gangsaws which is the result of 10 years of experience shared with more than 350 customers. Once the trials on multiwire machines are completed, we can recommend to our customers the technology best matching their needs in an objective manner.

3. How to optimize the costs?

We have established “Best in Class” standards using our data-base regarding the primary cutting on gangsaw. These standards will allow our customers to calibrate at best their machines and compare their productivity to the average market level. According to each case and following an installation audit on site, our experts can optimize the parameters of machine performance and propose solutions in order to improve the efficiency of gangsaws.
With regard to the multiwire machine, the trials will continue to enrich our data-bases.

WA Stone Institute is operational.

In order to answer these three questions, we have developed customer training modules. These modules are ready and training courses will begin Mid May, 2009 in Pognano, Italy. Our training courses address an audience of entrepreneurs and the duration of these courses may change from half a day to four half days depending on the customer needs.

These training courses will be offered in the frame of the launch of WA Stone Institute, in 2009.

If you need more information, please contact us :

Yves Barraquand
Chairman and CEO
Company Profile
Company Name: Wheelabrator Allevard
Country/Region: France
Products/Service We Offer: ABRASIVES DIAMANT
Legal Representative/CEO:
Year Established:
No.of Employees: 0
Annul Sales(USD): 0

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Address: BP 3 528, Avenue de Savoie 38 570 Le Cheylas - FRANCE
Telephone: +33 (0)
Fax: +33 (0)
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