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Extrude Hone Shanghai Co.,Ltd.
About Us
AFM Media is the primary cutting tool for the Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) process. All Extrude Hone Medias are comprised of a Media base material (viscoelastic polymer) plus an abrasive. The viscosity of the Media base along with the size, type, and quantity of abrasive particles determines the basic properties of a given Media. These abrasive-laden Medias are cold flowable, firm-bodied to keep the abrasive particles uniformly suspended in the less-dense carrier, Media base material. Although the abrasive does the actual cutting, polishing and deburring it is the physical properties of the AFM Media that cause the abrasive to cut. AFM Media is often referred to as liquid sandpaper

The key adjective in describing AFM Media is viscoelastic. That is, the Media is viscous and thus flows when a force is applied. It also is elastic, or rubber-like. This rubber-like acts as the "backbone" of the Media, holding the abrasive particles against the surface.

Extrude Hone developed the Media system to classify AFM Media. Prior to receiving the abrasive particles, AFM Medias are typically manufactured in batch or bulk quantities to a specific viscosity level. These known viscosity levels are numbered from (less low viscosity) through (very high viscosity) and form the basic classification for all Extrude Hone Medias.

At the top end of the range, for the highest viscosity (stiffness), it is rich in polymer and contains little diluent. The little diluent is sufficiently fluid to easily pass through very small diameter holes.
In addition to over 250 standard Medias, Extrude Hone also works closely with customers to develop special or customized Media for unique applications or process and productivity optimization.

Material Removal Process
Extrude Hone Abrasive Flow Machining is a pure mechanical process. Workpiece material is removed not by a non-abusive grinding action,but caused by the Media particles moving across the workpiece surface. Media cutting forces at the workpiece surface are extremely low and as a result, the workpiece surface remains stress-free or with only minimal values of compressive residual stress.

Unlike some mass-finishing and vibratory techniques, AFM processing removes material cleanly and workpiece burrs are accurately ground away rather than smeared or broken off.

Extrude Hone offers a comprehensive selection of abrasive materials for all AFM Medias. Each abrasive provides its own unique properties and application performance.

Aluminum Oxide is the preferred choice when a metallurgical inert abrasive is required, such as the finishing of high-nickel, super-alloy aircraft engine blades and vanes, semicon valves and tubing, and numerous medial implant applications.

Silicon Carbide is our most widely used abrasive material because it is very hard, durable and consistent performer over a wide applications.

Boron Carbide is the second hardest known material next to diamond. It produces a faster material removal rate than Silicon Carbide under ideal cutting conditions. Boron Carbide is also lighter than Silicon Carbide and as a result, up to 25% more media volume compare with the same weighted of Silicon Carbide Media. Boron Carbide is applied on low-machineability materials, such as hardened tool steel, cobalt steels, nickel-based super-alloys, titanium, and tungsten carbide applications.

Diamond Powders are used for special applications, such as workpieces that require a very high-quality surface finish or are made by extremely hard materials like tungsten carbide. Typical examples are extrusion, drawing and heading dies or high-gloss finish required.
Extrude Hone offers abrasive Media in a wide selection of particle sizes ranging from coarse 8 grit with average particle size of 4620 microns (0.181 inch) to 800 grit with average size of 12.0 microns (.0005 inch). Very fine 1200 grit with average size of 6.5 microns (0.0003 inch) is available for our MicroFlow AFM process.

In addition to standard and customized AFM Media, Extrude Hone offers media maintenance and replenishment programs that extend the Media usable working life. These programs provide customers with significant cost savings, improved productivity, and assure a consistent, reliable process. Contact your Extrude Hone representative for complete details on our Full Circle maintenance programs.
Company Profile
Company Name: Extrude Hone Shanghai Co.,Ltd.
Country/Region: China(Mainland)
Products/Service We Offer: Cutting tool for the Abrasive Flow Machining(AFM) process
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No.of Employees: 0
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Address: No. 10, Lane 699, Zhangwengmiao Road, Fengxian District 201401P.R. China
Telephone: (86) 21 3759 9060
Fax: (86) 21 3759 9202
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