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2nd China (Zhengzhou) International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition

Post Date: 24 Sep 2013    Viewed: 933

DATE: 15th~17th Nov., 2013

VENUES: Zhengzhou International Convention and Exposition Centre, Henan, China

Approver: Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China

1. Organizers: The People’s Government of Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou Research Institute for Abrasives & Grinding

China Abrasives Import & Export Corporation

China National Automotive Industry International Corporation

2. Supporters: China National Machinery Industry Corporation

Superhard Materials Industrial Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance

3. Sponsors: Industrial Diamond Association of China

Abrasives Association of China

Coated Abrasives Association of China

Sinomach Exhibition Co., Ltd.

4. International Sponsors: Industrial Diamond Association of America

Industrial Diamond Association of Japan

The Taiwan Society for Abrasive Technology

5. Co-sponsors: China Metal Cutting Tool Engineering Association

The National Engineering Research Center on Superhard Materials & Related Products

The National Center of Abrasives & Grinding Tools QC Supervision and Inspection

National Technical Committee on Abrasives Standardization

Abrasives Industry Sub-center of Machinary Industry Skill Identification

China Abrasives Information Network

Henan University of Technology.etc


China (Zhengzhou) International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition (A&G Expo) is a single domestic、global well-known international grinding expositon. A&G Expo has characteristics on abrasive & grinding、superhard materials and products, giving solutions of abrasive & grinding with the newest technologies and products on the whole industry chain. The theme is efficient grinding and innovative development.

I. Advantages of the Exposition

1. Full Support from Government

As an international professional exhibition held at Zhengzhou served for enterprises of abrasive and grinding industry nationwide, A&G Expo 2013, has gained full support and assistance from the government, such as the supporting policy of the development of abrasives & grinding industry and exhibition economy, and the policy of speeding up development in central China.

2. Professional Organizers of Exposition

With authorization of national government department, the exposition is sponsored by local government, professional exhibition company, and industry organizations, such as Industrial Diamond Association of China, Abrasives Association of China,, Coated Abrasives Association of China, China Metal Cutting Tool Engineering Association.

3. Specific Location Advantages

The place, where the 2nd A&G Expo. will be held at, is located in central China, is one of the important hub of Chinese highways, railways, aviation and communications is the right birthplace of Chinese synthetic diamond, is the important accumulation area of global abrasive and superhard material (superhard material output accounts for 90% in the world), let alone a series of advantages of the industry, human resources, research and development, technology, information, market and industry service management.

4. Promotion on Main Stream Media Plus the Various Activities of the Exposition

The brand effect of the first exposition has generated a great attraction for exhibitors and visitors. After continuous improvement, the organizers will adopt variety of ways to invite the end users of exhibits.

5. Gathering of Many Professional Audience

The newest products and technologies on the 1st exposition attracted many global users on abrasive & grinding. In order to organize professional audience better, organizers adopt many ways,eg: the media、exhibition promotion、invitation in person. The scene of swarming of buyers will appear again.

6. Variety of Extension Activities

The accompanying as technical exchange meeting, trade fair and annual meeting of industry organization have the characteristics of equipment and technology of abrasives & grinding tools. The other activities held at the same time will be the technical exchange meeting of user industry organizations in the field of internal-combustion engines, bearing, gear wheel, refractory, and so on.

II. Main Exhibits

1. Abrasive and Composite Material: synthetic diamond, cubic boron nitride, PCD, PCBN, corundum, carborundum, various kinds of abrasive micropowder, and so on.

2. Grinding Tools: grinding wheel, abrasive segment, honing sticks, diamond saw, diamond core drill bit, diamond grinding roll, diamond wire saw, PCD, PCDN cutting tool, monocrystal diamond tool, ultrathin and ultraprecision cutting, grinding and polishing tool for electronic information industry, geological drilling tool, and so on.

3. Various kinds of refractory materials and related products.

4. Raw & auxiliary materials for abrasives.

5. Various kinds of producing and processing equipments and detecting instruments of abrasive & grinding.

6. Industrial cutting tools and its producing and detecting equipments.

7. Grinding machines and grinding detecting instruments.

III. Extension Activities

1. A Grand Ceremony of the 50th Anniversary of Synthetic Diamond in China

2.The 6th Zhengzhou International Superhard Materials and Related Products Conference

3. Development Forum of Corundum and Carborundum

4. Development Forum of Coated Abrasive Tool

5. New Product Introduction

6.Exchange Meeting of Interal Combustion Engine Manufacturing Technology

7.Exchange Meeting of Efficient Abrasiving And Processing Technology on Hard-to-cut Materials

8.Exchange Meeting of Cutting Technology in China

9.Exchange Meeting of Bearings-making Technology

10.Exchange Meeting of Gear-making Technology

11.Exhange Meeting of Precision Measuring Instrument Technology

12.Development Forum of China Refractory Materials and Technology

Offices of the Organizing Committee



Beijing office: (Sinomach Exhibition Co.,Ltd. in charge of organizing exhibitors,professional audiences and exhibition services.)

Address:Room 633,Licheng Office District, No.8,Sijiqing Road,Haidian District, Beijing,China 100195

Tel: +86-10-88493319/6087/6605/6382/6191 Fax: +86-10--88496578 88496579

Contacts: Mr. Pan Xiaoyu Mr. Zhang Dongdong Mr. Zhang Liwen Mrs.Wang Qing

Zhengzhou office 1: (Industrial Diamond Association of China, in charge of superabrasives and related products)

Address: No.183, Zhongyuan West Road

Zhengzhou 450006, China


Tel: +86-371-6765 0914 6765 8993

Fax: +86-371-6765 7827

Contacts: Mr.Wei Jun Mr. Sun Zhaoda Mr. Li Zhihong

Zhengzhou office 2 :( Abrasives Association of China, in charge of conventional abrasives)

Address: No.183, Zhongyuan West Road

Zhengzhou 450006, China


Tel: +86-371-6763 0668 6768 0711

Fax: +86-371-6763 6838

Contacts: Mrs. Feng Jie Mrs. Xia Shu Mr. Zhou Jinlong

Zhengzhou office 3: (Coated Abrasives Association of China, in charge of coated abrasives)

Address: Room 9206, No.47 Building, No. 121 Huashan Road

Zhengzhou 450013, China


Tel: +86-371-6765 7825

Fax: +86-371-6766 1302

Contacts: Mr. Chen Yuandong

Superhard Material of China

Superhard Material of China

Abrasives and Grinding Products of China

Abrasives and Grinding Products of China

Coated Abrasives of China

Coated Abrasives of China

Chia International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition

China International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition

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