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The speech of academician of Chinese Academy of Science, Zou Guangtian in the 6th Zhengzhou International Superhard Material and Related Products Conference

Post Date: 11 Nov 2013    Viewed: 619

Ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning!

Welcome to participating in “Celebrating 50th Anniversary of China Synthetic Diamond and the 6th Zhengzhou International Superhard Material and Related Products Conference”.

Chinese scientists created the synthetic diamond in the very hard environment for the first time in 1963. After 50 years, today china superhard material industry realizes the great historical leap, growing out of nothing, expanding from small to big and strengthening gradually. And it has become the large country of superhard material in producing, consumption and export.The single crystalline products has accounted for more than 90% of world annual output and the quality has gradually reached to the level of the world. Superhard material makes great contribution to the rapid development of our country as the strategic material. It is the great scientific achievements in the history of new material science and technology in our country. It is also great success through the sincere cooperation and hard working of the scientists, engineers and technicians, enterprisers and people in the field and splendid fruit of labor finished through their painstaking effort and sweat.I would like to extend high respect to all the pioneer and colleagues making outstanding contribution and show our deep memory to the distinguished people, Yu Hongchang, Yao Yucheng, Zhang Yuanlong, He Shouan and my teacher Gou Qingquan who all passed away.

In the history of 50 years, there left many happy and tragic, and touching stories during the process of starting the business, forming our own special spirit of the industry. What specially worthy of praising and carrying forward is the courage of being the first, perseverance of tenacious struggle, morality of honesty and prevailing custom of solidarity and cooperation , which has been the strength of character, great power of all-conquering and the valuable spiritual wealth for the superhard industry people.   

In the history of 50 years, superhard material industry has developed into its own special development road of innovation-driven, the road of owning proprietary intellectual property rights and the road of combination of production, study and research. We realize the upgrade of the products, new application field, new market exploration and the sustainable, rapid and healthy development of the industry because of the innovation of science and technology.

In the history of 50 years, our country build many technological innovation platform including the large modern superhard material and application industry, national key laboratory of the superhard material and national engineering and technological research center, owns a great high-quality talents team and launches many prospective fundamental researches, which all lays the solid foundation of realizing the strong country of superhard material.

At present, we are in the transformation period from “Made in China” to “Innovated by China”. The state council also focus on the superhard material as the “national strategic new industry”. We should seize the chance and cooperate with international enterprises to promote the industry above the world advanced level and realize the goal of being strong country of superhard material, basically depending on the improvement of talents quality, driving of technological innovation and making enterprises growing from extensive form to intentive form. That means, firstly we should develop towards high-end, improving the quality and benefit of the products and making main products achieve the world level; Secondly, carry out breadth development, exploring the new application fields, replacing the conventional abrasives as for the wear-resisting and replacing hard alloy as for the superhard feature; Thirdly, promote multifunction development, exploring the application fields of thermal, electricity, sound, light and anti-radiation of superhard performances besides mechanical property; Finally, push cutting-edge development, developing high-pressure technology, improving synthesis pressure, designing and manufacturing new materials with special function and harder than natural diamond. So that we can occupy a commanding height and lead the future of superhard development.

Let’s carry forward the spirit of being first and heroic spirit of being indomitable and struggle ahead, writing a new chapter in the history and creating new career glory again in order to realize the dream of being strong country in the field of superhard!

Finally, wish all of you a pleasant stay in Zhengzhou and enjoy good health!

Thank you very much!

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