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Development Status and Future Direction of Coated Abrasives in ASEAN

Post Date: 15 Feb 2017    Viewed: 2381

In ASEAN countries, the initial demand of coated abrasives mainly depends on local carpentry. But with the entry of multinational companies, the demand for coated abrasives is growing fast in many industries.

Extreme imbalance of regional development still exists in ASEAN countries. For example, Thailand's abrasives manufacturing industry has been in Asia's leading level as it did not experience the first and second world war. Austria, Germany and Japan all have their production enterprises in the country, and the development of mechanical equipment has been enough to make domestic industry impressed. In addition, Vietnam is developing rapidly, and a large number of abrasives manufacturers have entered from South Korea and China, which intensifies the competition of abrasive products in the country.

At present, ASEAN countries mainly aim at local flagship products: carpentry, jadeware, stainless steel and alloy products. They have been able to manufacture thousands of flap wheels, flap discs, and abrasive belt skillfully, and some products have been more than Chinese products with the same prices in quality. But there are some manufacturers that can provide high quality coated abrasives in China, you can learn more by clicking the links below: ZHEGNZHOU BOSDI ABRASIVES CO.,LTD., Zhengzhou Yayun Abrasives Co., Ltd., Luoyang Xiwei Abrasives Co., Ltd., etc.

ASEAN countries have strong demand for abrasive cloth, abrasive belt, abrasive paper, hand pad, flap wheel and non-woven products. The market also goes in two levels of differentiation gradually: High-end products are mainly from Europe and the United States and Japan, followed by South Korea and other countries. China, as a abrasive products exporter, still has a long way to go in the future.

If China coated abrasives manufacturers want to make significant developments in ASEAN countries, they need to focus on the following aspects:

A, To increase the R&D and innovation

Products manufacturers, in particular, should avoid blind low price competition. Business operators should go out to learn about the market, especially for high-end market, and increase product research and development.

B, To increase the development of independent brands

Communicating with distributors fully, Coated abrasives manufacturers should introduce independent brands and carry out the means and measures such as advertising, sales promotion, to maintain product quality and strengthen after-sales service. They can learn it from hand tools industry. For example, in Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, they can find out that local hand tool industry gives priority to Chinese brands basically. Some domestic brands have been able to compete with Europe and America brands in the area.

C, Into the world

Making full use of cheap labor and foreign introduction policy in ASEAN countries, Coated abrasives manufacturers can set up factories or offices in ASEAN countries. This successful cases have been too numerous to mention. For example, a Chinese abrasive belt conversion plant in Vietnam, whose sales have accounted for more than 60% of the market in the central and southern Vietnam; A China-South Korea joint venture of sandpaper, has occupied half of the local market in Surabaya, Indonesia. 

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