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The Growing Popularity of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Post Date: 24 Nov 2021    Viewed: 10

In 2020, Lab-grown diamonds’ production grew to between 6 and 7 million carats, while mined diamonds production drastically fell to 111 million carats from a glorious peak of 152 million in 2017.

Lab-grown diamonds are the subject of much controversy and polemics. Some of the producers apply very effective technologies to make synthetic diamonds, and these diamonds are very similar to the real ones.

What makes lab-grown diamonds so special is the method of growing these diamonds, which is very interesting and unique.

You can nowadays grow diamonds with the use of seeds that are similar to pearl seeds. When the seed is large enough, the artificially-grown diamonds are fortified with the metals that add structure and color to the diamond.

What Are Synthetic Diamonds?

Synthetic diamonds are the product of a complex production where every detail is planned in advance. These diamonds consist of carbon atoms structures that are very similar to the real gems in color and structure.

What makes synthetic diamondsspecial is the process of production. When you want to make this diamond, you need to apply special techniques.If we know that natural diamonds are grown through heat and pressure during the million years, we can now apply a similar technique.

Of course, the time for the production of an artificial diamond is much different. You can produce a diamond in the period of two weeks, which makes the lab diamond price much lower in comparison to the natural diamond price.

What takes millions of years for nature to produce cannot be easily replaced by man-made products.

How Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Treated?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the body that gives permission and provides overviews of the products on the market. In 2019, this organization released the jewelry guides that must be followed by the diamond producers.

In these regulations, we could read about the rules related to the following situations:

  1. If a product is a lab-grown diamond, this must be clearly visible and mentioned in the description of the product origin – The overall presentation must clearly show that a diamond is man-made and the production was made in laboratory conditions. Social media campaigns must be regulated by the rules of commercial presentation of these products – For example, the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram must be very carefully selected because the hashtag that contains only the word “diamond” cannot be related to the artificial diamonds.

  2. CZ and moissanite are not equal products as diamonds – Some producers use the mentioned words to present their products as mined diamonds or man-made diamonds. This is strictly forbidden and it may lead to bigger legal consequences.

  3. Be cautious about lab-grown diamonds’ environmental impact – We know that some producers use the words like “eco” or “green” in their presentation of the products. This must be very clearly stated if the production was really based on eco-friendly standards. On the contrary, if the company does not apply the right standards, statements like “eco” or “green” should be avoided.

  4. The Natural Diamond Council, which is also known for the previous name Diamond Producers Association, takes care of the modern diamond jewelry industry and shows interest in customer care. The main mission of this authority is to protect the mined and natural diamond industry by making relevant campaigns and events.

Nowadays, many people can afford lab-grown engagement rings if they want to get something very similar to diamonds but with a lower price tag. If you want to enjoy real diamonds, you must pay much more.

As we all know, diamonds are rare and unique. Diamonds have exceptional beauty. In the end, diamonds are forever. That is why so many people want to have at least something that seems to be a real diamond, so they get a replica of the most beautiful gemstone in the world.

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