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CarraraMarmotec 2010

Post Date: 06 Jan 2010    Viewed: 749

The thirtieth Marmotec due to take place from 19 to 22 May 2010.

"It will be an important event for the international marble and technology industry, a trade fair that will show the most beautiful and innovative products our companies can offer on an international market that is becoming increasingly competitive which means that companies need to adapt, show great innovation and make suggestions for the world of designers based on marble and natural stone."

These were the opening words of Giorgio Bianchini, CarraraFiere Chairman, when presenting CarraraMarmotec 2010, Marble, Technology and Design Trade Fair to the press, the thirtieth year of the trade fair that will be held from 19 to 22 May.

"We are planning the fair in every minute detail. Faced with a rapidly changing international scenario we aim to create an event that will praise above all the quality of products and the ability of our exhibitors to present quality products in an area like the Apuo-Versilian area (that has always stood out for its ability to interact with producers from all over the world) and to meet the requirements of high profile clients. It is a difficult time for the industry and CarraraMarmotec may be the opportunity to draw attention to natural stone and stimulate demand, especially in the high quality brackets with high added value that characterise the national industry".

There will be a special setting for exhibitors at CarraraMarmotec that will exalt the characteristics of marble and granite and natural stone from all over the world (both raw materials and finished products) as well as the most advanced and sophisticated technology. This new setting aims to promote the fair as a container for excellent products that play a part on the international markets.

CarraraMarmotec 2010 is held at a very complicated time for the marble and technology industry on world, national and local levels. From January to September 2009, according to statistics processed by IMM Carrara, Italy exported two million 42 thousand tons of marble and granite, including raw materials and finished products to a value of one billion and 13 million Euros, thereby recording a -14,47% drop in quantity and a -21,27% drop in value compared to the same period of 2008. This is a very drastic reduction since the 2008 figures also take into consideration the months before the serious crisis that hit all markets (starting from the US real estate market that was the market of reference above all for the high quality bracket with a high added value for finished products in marble and granite). Whereas raw marble materials managed to hold their ground (increase in exports of +0, 65% in quantity and - 3, 5% in value) the largest reductions were recorded in the finished products segments of marble (-22% in quantity and - 21% in value) but mostly of granite (-26% in quantity and -27% in value). The first nine months of 2009 were also very difficult for the two main production areas of Tuscany-Liguria (with companies in the provinces of La Spezia, Lucca and Massa Carrara) and Veneto (Verona and Vicenza). The former, despite the presence of white marble that recorded an increase in raw material exports of +12%, both in quantity and value, still closed the first nine months with a reduction in exports of -7, 4% in quantity (referring to the most important items) and -13% in value, registering 743.562 tons exported for a value of 316 million 885 thousand Euros. A much higher reduction in exports was registered for the Venetian area that exported 277.969 tons for a value of 285 million 622 thousand Euros showing a -25% drop in quantity and a -26% drop in value.

"Italian companies are reacting positively to the difficulties and even in this critical situation they believe in CarraraMarmotec as a promotions tool – said CarraraFiere General Manager Paris Mazzanti – and we can say that 70% of companies have already confirmed their participation in 2010. All trade fair organisations are seeing confirmations arriving from exhibitors very close to the events so the result confirmed to date is very satisfying".

This is the result of an extensive promotions campaign carried out since 2008, which began with our participation in the Milan Design week at Superstudio Più in Zona Tortona, with the presentation of the reception in white marble of CarraraMarmotec Natural Stone Vision designed by Giulio Cappellini, and continued with events such as the exhibition/event Stone Style that presented pieces designed by famous Italian designers made with the exclusive technology of Carrara companies at the prestigious Museum of plastic Arts in Carrara.

The third event of the series was participation in Milan 2009's Fuori Salone with the installation Sacro e Profano, along with the collaboration of prestigious stone companies and prestigious brands of Italian style that made the scenery which was of great impact.


Next in the series was Welcome Angels, which took place from 10 to 13 June 2009 in a quarry at Gioia marble basin, a striking, colourful "open-happening" that brought together operators, professionals, visitors and representatives from many exhibiting companies.

To show the opportunities that CarraraMarmotec 2010 offers, a large promotions campaign is being carried out in the areas where the foreign visitors traditionally come from: Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the United States.

Numerous foreign delegations have already confirmed their participation, thereby emphasising the strong international reputation of CarraraMarmotec. Delegations of visitors are expected from the USA, Canada, South America (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico), Russia, Europe and Eastern Europe (Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, the Czech Republic), the United Arab Emirates and Syria, North Africa (Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria) but also Iran and Ukraine. A strategic promotions campaign carried out thanks to the help of the ICE (the Italian Foreign Trade Commission), the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad, the Tuscan Regional Government, Toscana Promozione and Lucca Promos.

A further element that demonstrates the hard work of CarraraFiere and Internazionale Marmi e Macchine in their support of the promotions campaign for natural stone is the decision of the prestigious MIA, the Marble Institute of America, to hold the annual meeting of their Board of directors in Carrara during the trade fair.

What has always made CarraraMarmotec stand out is its rich programme of events meant not only to promote natural stone and technology but also to deal with technical issues and explore new marketing methods and opportunities.

Tradition is renewed and strengthened through the media partnership with "Il Sole 24 Ore group", Architecture and Design division, that will be helping in the organisation of three meetings, the theme of which will be the communication of an area, the promotion and protection of excellent products and the promotion of the industry's brands.

Another event that will arouse the interest of designers is the lectio magistralis held by a prestigious name in modern architecture. Four architects will be exchanging their experiences on the use of natural stone in contract work considered an interesting market segment for natural stone. Yet another event is the exhibition "Pezzi al Forte" organised by the review A+D+M in collaboration with ADI Liguria showing 10 pieces of design by 10 designers and the same number of supplier companies in an international setting.

One of the most prominent events to be held during the trade fair is of course the Marble Architectural Awards (MAA) prize-giving ceremony. The 2010 Awards celebrate their 25th anniversary with a special "Silver Awards" competition open to architects and designers from all over the world. A great opportunity for schools and international offices to compete in a prestigious international competition which aims to promote the use of natural stone on an international level.

The winners, chosen by an international jury, will be called upon to illustrate their work at a conference held during CarraraMarmotec to present the winning projects along with those of two other competitions: the Dressed Stone Design Award and the Innovative Design Technology Award.

Dressed Stone is organised in collaboration with Antonio Lupi Design, and is open to students at universities and design schools and architects and interior designers under 30 who are asked to compete with projects on the theme of bathrooms and wellness centres using glass and white Carrara marble.

The first year of the Innovative Design Technology Award is sponsored by the A.D.I. (the Italian Association for Industrial Design) and will be awarded to exhibiting companies presenting machines made with particular attention to design. The jury will include representatives from the A.D.I. and the prize-giving ceremony will be held during the trade fair.

We are now in the final run-up to the trade fair which promises to be a great success, a great event that enjoys the support of the Ministry of economic development, the ICE (Italian Foreign Trade Commission), Toscana promozione and the Tuscan Regional Government as well as important professional associations such as the AIPI (Italian Association of Interior Designers) and the ADI (the Association for Industrial Design) and the sponsorship of one bank, Carrara Savings Bank belonging to the CARIGE group.

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