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MARBLE 2010-The Gateway to the World of Marble

Post Date: 14 Jan 2010    Viewed: 752

MARBLE, the Izmir fair claimed by many as the second biggest annual natural stone event of the world, is scheduled to stage its 16th edition from March 24 – 27, 2010 at Izmir Fair Complex, Izmir, Turkey.

IZFAS, the organiser of the fair since its first edition held in 1995, is more than happy with the success and progress of MARBLE. The fair which in 1995 attracted 47 exhibitors on an area of 2,600 sq m gave a stunning performance in 2009 with 1,112 exhibitors and 51,560 visitors. Among exhibitors 220 came from 32 countries with Italians sharing the greatest number. The United States, China, Germany and India also registered their presence with large number of exhibitors. Turkish companies were present in large number sharing 77 per cent of the total.

The convergence of exhibitors and visitors in large number at MARBLE 2009 from the world over is quite significant as in this period of great depression when most of the countries one reeling under unforeseen recession, MARBLE 2009 presented an encouraging picture. Here one could see hope for the future in the stone sector.

IZFAS is confident that MARBLE will continue to do well in 2010 despite the recession. There is sound reason to support this optimistic view. Turkey is showing 24 per cent growth in its marble sector while development rate at world level is 13 per cent.

It is important to note that Turkey has a well organised consolidated structure of stone sector supported by scientific and university world. Moreover the entire nation is showing a strong will to make the best of a resource like stone materials available in almost endless reserves.

Turkey has a very long history of marble culture that even Italy cannot match. The oldest frame to cut marble was the manual saw built in Ephesus 2000 years ago. It is even more revealing that one of the most well known Turkish marble reserves called Marmora, being one of the oldest of calcareous find in the world, has given the material its name. This is enough to attract professionals from the world over to MARBLE 2010. Here people will find Turkey offering a profitable future to professionals from the sector.

IZFAS invites all stone professionals to upcoming MARBLE 2010, the best stone business meeting platform. It says, if you come to Izmir to attend the fair, you come to Turkish stones offering wide range of colours, shapes and sizes. More than 60 per cent of 2000 quarries in Turkey are located in and around Izmir within a 400 km radius. Turkey offers more than 300 types of stones, specially marble and travertine, produced by 1,500 factories and 6,000 processing plants.

MARBLE the world trademark in the sector is ready to present the best of Turkish marble and stones to professionals from the world over. It will also showcase large variety and range of products including stones, machinery, transport equipments, packing materials, abrasives, adhesives, publications etc., which will be put on display by exhibitors from foreign countries.

To promote MARBLE 2010 an attractive brochure carrying relevant information, alongwith format of application form to participate in the fair, has been sent to all concerned.

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