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VITORIA STONE FAIR 2010-A Platform to Realise Business

Post Date: 20 Mar 2010    Viewed: 813

With a distinction for taking place twice in a calendar year from 2008,

VITORIA STONE FAIR will have its 29th edition staged from February 23–26, 2010 at Vitoria, Brazil. The fair had its 1st edition in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Brazil in 1989 and 15th and 16th editions in 2003 at Vitoria and Cachoeiro respectively. Ever since the fair started taking place in Vitoria it has grown at all levels: visitors, exhibitors and exhibition space.

Its last edition held at Vitoria in 2009 entertained 22,911 visitors from over 66 countries. 450 exhibiting companies showcased the best of their range of products spread on 35,000 sq m of space. This showed a special dynamism of the sector towards the event, which today occupies an important position among the sector fairs of the world.

Another striking characteristic of the fair was large scale participation of the professional entrepreneurs from the Brazilian states, showing their strength to increase business in the international market.

VITORIA STONE FAIR 2010 is an event to watch for fair's grown up international stature and its fundamental role in organizational and technological development of the sector. Actually the fair presents itself as an open door to the world, acting as supplier, as well as receiver of information of the most different nature and impact.

VITORIA STONE FAIR 2010 aims at showing the diversity of Brazilian ornamental stones and at encouraging their use. It is designed to create a space for the realisation of business and partnerships, to make new technologies known through the exhibition of machinery, tools and new processing methods, and management, to promote the sector marketing in Brazil and abroad and to increase exports, specially of finished products with higher aggregate values.

The fair will be the scene of practically all the presentations of new machinery, equipment, tools and other materials used by marble and granite industries. Beside being the event where the companies present their latest creations and products, the fair will act as a motivator for the whole sector in search of new technologies.

The Vitoria fair summarises the evolution of Brazil's dimension stone industries' productive chain, and stands as the largest and most expressive event of the sector.

Brazil is looked at as a country with immense quantity of mineral riches and great exporting potential in the dimension stone sector. More than 90 per cent of the investment in the stone sector industries are achieved in its state of Espirito Santo. The state has become a world reference in marble and granite and a leader in its national stone production.

As one of the cities with the highest development rate in the country, Vitoria is ready to enchant its visitors at VITORIA STONE FAIR 2010, the largest dimension stone event in Brazil, offering quality hotel and entertainment service, simple transportation to get around and excellent hospitality.

Vitoria is capital city of Spirito Santo, one of the three states of Brazil, which is recognised as the biggest stone producing state and a flourishing sea port. The city of Vitoria assumes with vigor and responsibility its vocation as the exporting hub for the marble and granite produced in Brazil.

Watch for VITORIA STONE FAIR 2010, the event not to be missed. Here one will find the largest concentration of processing companies of dimension stone in Latin America and a favourable environment and realisation for new business partnerships. Moreover visitors at the fair will get a chance to visit important quarries and industries located in the state.

Whoever is present at the 29th edition of VITORIA STONE FAIR, will enjoy the beauties of the capital city of Espirito Santo located on an island with beautiful landscapes of beaches, bays and canals.

With an area of 104.3 sq km, Vitoria is an archipelago formed by 34 islands and a continental region, with some of the most beautiful littoral scenes of the country and with a predominantly humid tropical climate.

Being four hundred years old, Vitoria has an interesting history from the Brazilian colonial time with churches, museums, and convents preserved in their original characterstics.

Vitoria is a land of opportunities and business. The economic dynamism of the capital results, mainly, of foreign commerce services, the support of the industrial urban economy of Vitoria and the growth of tourism sector.

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