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SteelGuru directory of machine tool manufactures in India - 04 Nov, 2011

Post Date: 05 Nov 2011    Viewed: 1075

Published in February 2011, 'Directory of Machine Tool Manufactures in India’ has been comprehensively researched and prepared, to bring you a fully up to date guide to India's machine tool manufactures. This report will enable you to build new business prospects, generate new customers, discover who your competitors are and make vital contacts. You would save the time, money and effort of doing your own research. This directory has been especially compiled to assist with market research, strategic planning, as well as contacting prospective clients or suppliers.

The list contains more than 389 names of various large and small manufacturers along with the contact details from all over India. It gives the basic information like address and contact details etc only. This directory, formatted on alphabetical order, could become the starting point for various people interested in getting connected with this industry in some way.

Why spend hundreds of hours searching for new contacts? Invest in a copy TODAY!


This report covers name and product details of 389 of Indian machine tool manufactures in alphabetical order as well as location wise. Look at the information you'll get in the ‘Directory of Machine Tool Manufactures in India’

1. Company name -389 entries

2. Address-389 entries

3. Phone number-387 entries

4. Fax number -384 entries

5. Mob - 12 entries

6. Email -381 entries


Abhijat Equipments Pvt. Ltd

Address: 19/4, Molacha Odha, Satara

Pin: 415002

State: Maharashtra

Tel: 2162 - 250196/251091

Fax: 2162 - 250596


Price & delivery

USD 600 or equivalent in INR

PDF - 218 Pages

Delivery by Email on receipt of payment

Additional Charges would be levied for delivery of file on a CD or in printed form

How to order

Send a mail to mentioning the name of directory requesting for invoice

Contact details

Phalguni Pukhrambam

Mobile - +919871193457

Phone - +91 124 4048993 (Monday to Friday - 9AM to 5PM IST)


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