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Dust Collection Systems

Product Name: Dust Collection Systems
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Place of Origin: Australia
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The Dustech is a wholly Australian designed and manufactured dust collection system. Using a unique cartridge filtration method we provide a range from 2,500 c/m/p/h to 85,000 c/m/p/h. Using an efficient pleated non-woven material, encased in an all metal ridged cartridge housing, Dustech consolidates more filter area into a very small space. Resulting in, extremely efficient filtration at decreased media-to-air ratios, improved operation and maintenance at a token floor space requirement. The Cartridge filtration system shortens filter change time up to 65 percent when compared to systems employing cloth filter socks.

The electronic timer controls the reverse pulses of cleaning air. The adjustable control actuates solenoid operated diaphragm valves in procession to blow high pressure air through the venturi tubes above the cartridges. This operates in sequence while other cartridges will continue to filter. This adjustable cycle allows high dust loadings to be handled without shutting down the collector for cleaning.

All our dust collection systems require up to 20 percent less head room than cloth bag houses. A Dustech system with 4 Cartridges has 76 square metres of filtration area, nearly four times that of a conventional bag house collector. By filtering at low velocity the Dustech will handle very fine particles with great effectiveness.

Dustech unique Cartridge stack design provides maximum filtration at least cost. Typical cost per cubic metre of air filtered reflect prices of the 1970's and 1980's while saving up to 40% percent floor space and simplifying duct work connections.

Committed to each cartridge stack, a direct coupled solenoid valve supplied by a large capacity manifold shoots a high pressure pulse of air down each stack. This air dislodges accumulated particles that will fall into the hopper at the base of the unit. The hopper is connected to a sealed drum for safe and easy disposal.

All fans and motors are selected to suit specified duty. High quality fully balanced to ensure smooth operation with less noise. Silencers are optional for installation in sensitive areas. Magnehelic Gauges, manometer, and Pressure Differential controls are also available.

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Address: 63 Peppercorn Street, Sunnybank Hills, QLD 4109
Postcode: 4109
Telephone: (07) 3711 5204
Fax: (07) 3711 5206
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