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Steel grit

Product Name: Steel grit
Trade Mark: Steel grit & Steel shot
Model: G10,G12,G14,G16,G18,G25,G40,G50,G80 and G120
Place of Origin: China(Mainland)
Price Terms: FOB
Payment Terms: T/T;L/C Western Union
Packing: 1. 25kg Per Bags, 40 Bags on 1 Ton Wooden Pallet ; or In one MT big bag.
Delivery Lead Time: 15days
Minimum Order: 5Tons
Certification: ISO 9001,SGS
Detailed Description:
Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name: DUOLENG
ModelNumber:G10,G12,G14,G16,G18,G25,G40,G50,G80 and G120. Material: Bearing Alloy Steel
Usage: Sandblasting,surface treatment
Abrasive Grain Sizes: 1mm Hardness: GH,GL,GP
Feature: Fully Angular
Processing Type: Forging

Bearing Angular Steel Grit
This new steel grit is made from bearing off-cut steel which maintains FORGING STATE, but not CASTING STATE.

- With the professional process of quenching, crushing, sieving and special heat treatments, such a grit shows angular shape with features of abrasive resistance and impact ductility.

- During the usage ,it is proved that the angular shape of the grit will gradually becomes arc, which is suitable for oxygenated surface descaling, surface cleaning and surface peening, so as to greatly improve the blasting efficiency and coating quality, and to reduce kinetic energy of paint, abrasive consumption and so on, as well as to prolong the life of wearing parts.

Features of Bearing Angular Steel Grit
Fully Angular
High density
Nice Microstructure
Chromium Included
High wearing resistance
Less consumption
Homogeneous Hardness
Well Resistance

Chromium(Cr) is used in constructional alloy steels primarily to increase hardenability, provide improved abrasion-resistance and to promote carburization. Of the common alloying elements chromium is surpassed only by carbon, manganese and molybdenum in its effect on hardenability. Chromium forms the most stable carbide of any of the more common alloying elements, giving high-carbon chromium steels exceptional wear-resistance. Because its carbide is relatively stable at elevated temperatures, chromium is frequently added to steel used for high temperature applications.

Characteristics: hardenability, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

BearBearing Angular Steel Grit Capability Introduction:

According to different application, steel grit is devided into below 3 types:

GH: Hardness>60 HRC
Applied for granite gangsaw cutting, surface treatment for cold roll and pre-treatment of metal parts.

GL: Hardness 53~60 HRC
Applied for removing corrosion surface, descaling, increasing roughness to get better surface preparation for coating.

GP: Hardness 40~50 HRC
Applied for cleaning metal surface, such as casting parts.

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