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1500W Voltage Converter

Product Name: 1500W Voltage Converter
Trade Mark: GoHz
Model: 20170327005
Place of Origin: United States
Price Terms: FOB
Payment Terms: T/T
Delivery Lead Time: 15 days
Minimum Order: 50 Sets
Detailed Description:
Voltage converter ratings are generally within a voltage range. Appliances rated for 110 volts or 120 volts can usually operate from anywhere between 100 volts and 127 volts. Likewise, 220 volt or 230 volt appliances can usually operate from anywhere between 220 volts and 240 volts. Therefore, any quality Step-Down voltage converter will allow any 110 volt appliance to operate in 220 volt, 230 volt or even 240 volt countries. This is also true with a quality Step-Up voltage converter, which will allow any 220 volt appliance to be used in any 110 volt or 120 volt countries.

1500 Watt Voltage converter can be used in 220V countries and 110V countries. It will convert from 110V-120V to 220V-240V and from 220V-240V to 110V-120V. The 1500W voltage converter is rated at 1,500 watts maximum. It features a heavy-duty cord with a standard US 3-prong plug. There are a total of three outputs on the front panel.

Finance and I are off to Bali in five days and have a question for you all. Will our United States electrical products work in the Bali outlets or will we have to purchase some sort of outlet converter? Thanks in advance for your responses.

I wonder if anyone knows if it is difficult to convert an espresso machine from 220v to 110v. I and my wife have recently moved home from Europe, my grandmother gave us an espresso Machine that we really like, (Francis X1) and since we got it in Europe it uses 220v. We really want to keep it since it was a wedding present. They are sold here as well, so there has got to be a way to change something on the inside, I'm no electrician.

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Address: 8561 W. Sunset Boulevard
Postcode: 90001
Telephone: (310)642-5867
Marketing man : Tim Kris

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