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Die Reconditioning and Repolishing Service

Product Name: Die Reconditioning and Repolishing Service
Trade Mark:
Place of Origin: Germany
Price Terms:
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Minimum Order:
Certification: ISO9001:2000
Detailed Description:
AB offers free inspection and expert advice to your old dies to give you the maximum advantage. Our experts will inspect and segregate the dies in such a way that the dies can be recut or repolished to a new size with minimum increase of microns. Thereby you will get the maximum number of recuts and a superb surface finish in every die.

If you wish to reduce your die maintenance costs and still want the dies to be repaired the best way, then our die reconditioning shop is at your service. On receipt of your dies, we will check the size, wear pattern, rings or chips, surface finish and PCD type and send you a report with our recommendations for each and every die, advising the best possibilities to your advantage. On reply from you, we will attend the dies due to your specification.

If we notice any abnormal wear or premature breakage in the dies, we will immediately alert our customers so that any error can be plugged.

  Contact Detail:
Address: Salzstraße 3 87435 Kempten, GERMANY
Telephone: (+49) 831-512 46 61 (+49) 831-520 37 45
Fax: (+49) 831-520 37 48
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