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Hot Sale Rock Compound Crusher Machine In China

Product Origin: China(Mainland)
Purchaser: Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.
AU Level:
Post Date: Sep 1, 2014
Specific Requirement:

Introduction to Rock Compound Crusher Machine

Compound crusher or vertical crusher is a newly designed fine crushing and coarse grinding product which is developed by optimizing the main technical parameters, which is researched by senior engineers of our company through integrating both home and abroad techniques of similar crushing machines and which has the advantages of both impact crusher and hammer crusher.
This vertical crusher is mainly used for medium and small crushing of cement raw materials, clinker, building sand, iron ore, sandstone, gypsum, gangue, lump cal and other hard ores. It is especially applicable to the processing and crushing of hard limestone, dolomites, granite, artificial sand and basalt. This compound crusher enjoys the merits of big reduction ratio, low energy consumption, smooth operation, simple structure, easy maintenance, and other characteristics, which is truly a new type of crushing equipment that are of multi-purpose, high efficiency and low cost.

Application of Rock Compound Crusher Machine

The combination crusher manufactured by our company is suitable for the fine crushing of limestone, clinker, coal and other types of ores in building material, mining and chemistry, also for the fine crushing of materials with medium hardness such as dolomite, flint clay, lead-zinc ore, serpentine, blast furnace slag, coal gangue and phosphate ore. It is especially suitable for the artificial sand making with hard limestone, dolomite, granite and basalt and for the processing and crushing of stone materials for highway. The compression strength of the materials to be crushed should not exceed 140MPa and the humidity should not be higher than 15%.

Advantages of Rock Compound Crusher Machine

1. Big crushing ratio
2. High output, 1.4 times higher than that of the same type of product in domestic market
3. High efficiency and energy conservancy
4. The quick-wear parts adopt high hardness, high tenacity and multi-component alloy wear-resisting materials, so that the service of the equipment is improved by 2-3 times.
5. The gap between hammers and impact plates are adjustable, thus satisfying various granularity requirements.

Working Principle of China Rock Compound Crusher Machine

Massive ores vertically fall from the upper part of China compound crusher to the impeller rotating with high speed, and under the eccentric force, the materials will have high-speed hit and crush with the materials that flow around the impeller in the form of umbrella. After the materials hit with each other, they will hit, abrade and be crushed in the space between impeller and machine shell, and finally the materials will be discharged from the bottom of the machine, thus forming a closed-circuit cycle. The granularity of final products will be controlled by the screening equipment.

Working Features of China Rock Compound Crusher Machine

(1) Simple and reasonable structure and low running cost. The adoption of "stone impacting stone" principle lowers the abrasion.
(2) High crushing efficiency and energy conservancy.
(3) Endowed with the functions of coarse crushing and coarse grinding.
(4) Seldom influenced by the water content of the materials and the water content can reach about 8%.
(5) Working noises are lower than 75db and the powder dust pollution is little.
(6) Suitable for crushing materials with medium hardness and super hardess.
(7) Cubic particle shape, big bulk density and little iron pollution.
(8) Small abrasion of the lining board and convenient maintenance.

Safety Matters that should be Noted during the use of Rock Compound Crusher Machine

1. If emergency fault occurs during the operation of the equipment, the workers can firstly stop the machine and it cannot be restarted until the breakdown is eliminated.
2. If the electric equipment breaks down, it should be processed by an electrician.
3. If it is necessary to check the inside part of the machine, the workers should first pull out the switch and put up a mark for maintenance. Before examining, the materials inside the machine should be cleaned so as not to hurt people. After the examination and before restarting the machine, the upper cap should be put up and the bolt should be tightened.
4. All the safety devices should be complete and fixed. If the communication signals or the telecommunication equipment break down, the crusher cannot be started.

Fote has bought advanced manfacturing equipments from home & abroad.Numerical control machine tools with high-precision,large processing equipments & special test equipments provide strong safeguard for product quality and company development

Excellent quality identified by all the Qualifications

We know what Fote gets from the society is more than her contributions to the society Fote cannot develop itself in isolation of the society Over the years,Fote's staffs have been grateful to the society,what thery can do is to regard product quality as company's life and innovation as object , dedicated to return society,put its strength for the indestrial and national development.


What about the quality of your products?
Our products are manufactured strictly in accordance with the national and international standard, and we always test every equipment before the delivery.
Is the price of products reliable?
Yes, we are manufacturer and we have the strength to give you the lowest price compared with other dealers. However, we have the policy that "According to the quantity order, we will offer the lowest price as possible with our utterly honest attitude towards business ".
In order to help you get a suitable machine and provide you a preferential quotation,
Pls kindly provide the following information:
1. What`s the materials to process?
2. What`s the feature of the materials? Like density, moisture degree,input particle size and out put particle size.
3. What`s your capacity per hour?
4. What`s material for the machine?
5.What`s the machine you want to buy?A single machine or a production line.

Our Services

Pre-service: Enthusiasm
Act as a good adviser and assistant of clients to enable them get rich and generous returns on their investments.
1.Select equipment model;
2.Design and manufacture products according to clients` special requirement;
3.Train technical personnel for clients.
Services during the sales: Servant
1.Pre-check and accept products ahead of delivery;
2.Help clients to draft solving plans.
After-sale services: Faithfulness
Provide considerate services to minimize clients` worries.
1.Assist clients to prepare for the first construction scheme;
2.Install and debug the equipment;
3.Train the first-line operators;
4. Examine the equipment;
5.Take initiative to eliminate the troubles rapidly;
6.Provide technical exchanging.
7.Revisit regularly for establishing long-term and friendly relationship.

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